Effective clinic planning for a sustainable, emphatic corporate strategy

Welcome to strategic clinic planning!

Meeting the needs of patients and employees are, in addition to the financial framework, the decisive factors of successful hospital planning.

The process-optimized interaction of technology, architecture and medical operations are the three crucial levels of evidence-based planning.

The aim is to create a sound basis for decision-making, increase efficiency and form an optimal infrastructure.

We support you on the way to developing a future-proof clinic that meets the requirements of modern healthcare.

About Us

"Planning a clinic means creating a place of healing and hope."

Annemarie Grasse, Head of BO Planning MMI

A critical focus at MMI is “clinic planning at professional eye level.”

The interaction of people caring for others is the basis. This includes the entire team of physicians, nurses and therapists.

But it also includes the specialists from other areas such as logistics, technical infrastructure and support processes.


"Outstanding expertise for our master plan. Visionary yet pragmatic and solution-oriented."

Prof. A. Tobler, ex. Phys. Director of the University Hospital Bern (Inselspital)


"Some projects need bold plan changes so that more economical solutions can emerge"

Prof. F. Christ, Managing Partner MMI


"Excellent professional and organizational support and transparent communication."

Doris Göppl, Ulm University Hospital, Head of Infrastructure Division


"Empathically thinking about all target groups is essential for optimal clinic planning."

A. Walter (MHSA), Managing Partner MMI

We see a clinic as a large unit that only functions when everyone involved pulls together. The patient care perspective is the unifying element here.

Before medical and spatial structures are re-planned, it is important to carry out detailed analyses and evaluate them in a targeted manner.

Motion matrix ACTUAL state
Motion matrix after re-location

Clinic Planning

"The data cube reveals its secrets and value when methodically analyzed and embedded in the context of comprehensive planning."

Prof. D. Brodbeck, MMI Data Analyst

The best solutions are created when all existing data is viewed from different angles and brought together.

This provides a deeper understanding of the processes and dependencies and allows the most efficient solutions to be formulated.